What Favor Is To Me

People so often strive and ask for favor.... 

I think favor correlates with grace and contentment. Favor does not come in the form of rectangle thin slices of tree. It comes in packaged moments where you are fully satisfied with who God created you to be. When you breathe in deep and know with every space in your being that He is your provider. What you have right now is all you need in this moment to breath. He will provide for the next. Favor comes in the simplest of packages. It's as simple as loving people. What better describes being favored than the ability to love your neighbor like Jesus first loved you. I hope you read this and feel the grace in which my finger type. Jesus loves us all the same. 

Sex Trafficking In My Own Backyard... Michigan

Warning, this post is not comfortable to read and is not sugar-coated to please for Facebook thumbs up likage: 

Driving home from the tigers game, Madeline and I passed a "spa" that was open on the highway. Instantly, Madeline knew and made me aware how possible it is that it very well was NOT a spa, but rather a brothel. Yes, a brothel. A place where women (and men) are used as sex slaves to make their owners (aka. Pimps) money. When she said this, my heart sank deeper than I have ever felt or knew it was possible to sink before. No, we are not for certain that it was really a brothel, but we do know that these types of institutions have been caught in Michigan as of late in the surrounding areas. I'm NOT talking about Africa or Mexico people, I'm talking about Michigan. Michigan, our comfy wooly mitten home, is where things like this are taking place. In addition to every other American State. THIS IS NOT OKAY! Sex trafficking is not something that only third world countries handle and "deal with". Injustice and slavery is happening in our territory (where we call the land of the FREE) everyday. I rarely share this much emotion on social media, especially with such passion, but again, this is not ok and awareness needs to happen! I am so thankful for organizations like the A21 Campaign (and so many others) who fight sex trafficking across the world... But I am sickened by the fact that we feel (as comfortable Christians) that it's the work for "others" to bring light to the darkness when WE OURSELVES have the light in our hands. The bible says to preach the gospel to every creature right? Not step aside and let Christine Caine (founder of A21 - who is a boss-sauce lady) do all the work because she's got an accent and can do it better. Nah!!! She would be the first to say, pick up your sword and fight how you know how. I don't know what to do practically (though I will learn how), but I do know how to pray and I do know how to post to bring awareness. Here is just one of Michigan's laws that is completely insulting to the women and men who are enslaved by force or by "choice" to sell their bodies for sex. 

"Maintaining a house used for prostitution
Anyone who operates a place of prostitution in Michigan is guilty of a felony and may receive a sentence of not more than five years in prison, or a fine of not more than $2,500. (Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 750.452.)"

These so called penalties are insulting and inhumanly minimal. This is not a rant, but the cry of my heart for justice.