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From musicians to fashion labels, I have had the opportunity to design for some pretty cool brands and companies all over the world. Here are a few of my featured projects. I have 12 years of Graphic Design work under my belt. I've worked full time in corporate design while the rest all being freelance. Below is some of my more recent work. Though I have the capability to be more modern and corporate, my work below is a better representation of my personal design preferences.    

   St. Humain   - Free Fall Single Art 

St. Humain - Free Fall Single Art 

Feature 1

It's always nice to start with an artist from the beginning. All of his single art has been done by me over the past year. Recently he signed with Capitol Records and we are in the process of creating the art for his upcoming EP release.

   Uncommon Magazine   - Issue .02

Uncommon Magazine - Issue .02

Feature 2

I had the privilege of being apart of the birth of Uncommon Magazine. Based out of Sydney, Australia, Uncommon Magazine was a bi-product of Hillsong Churches Creative Community. This particular issue was done with a 2 week deadline. All photography and design was done by me within those 2 weeks, with the help of artist, Emily Averill, who did the line illustrations. 

   Houston Graeff   - Spring Lookbook

Houston Graeff - Spring Lookbook

feature 2

Houston Graeff is a up in coming fashion lable based out of New York City. I had the opportunity to design their Spring Lookbook. Even with the stress of a 2 day deadline, while being states away, we managed to pull off the finished product. The lookbook was printed and taken to the pop up they were having the following week in Bondi Beach, Australia.