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what fuels you?

I'm fascinated by this instrumental question and tired of scrolling through social media highlights, never getting to the root of it — so I’ve opened up the convo. I’m Carli Jeen, the host of OYIEL (pronounced “oil”): a safe conversational space where we dive into these very questions. 

 Because our struggles are just as much a part of our journey, here we discuss the scars and open wounds that got our guests where they are. From creatives to entrepreneurs, from misfits to societal disruptors, from songwriters to super-mom’s, every guest will proactively inspire you, letting your own creative voice within set sail. Too often shame disrupts our lips from speaking, but I want to talk.. So, what fuels you?




.02 Lindsay Russo – (Building Orphanages in India, Mystery of Motherhood, Identity)

Lindsay Russo (Founder of Angel House, married to Dominic Russo, Founder of Missions.Me and Mom of Three) could not be more fun and down to earth. With a husband that travels the world speaking to 1,000’s, Lindsay knows who she is enough to know that speaking to the masses is not for her, though through other means, her impact and voice is far from small.

At the age of 23, Lindsay founded Angel House, a focused rescue initiative for abandoned orphans and trafficking victims throughout India and Southeast Asia. Through her efforts, more than 4,000 orphaned children who would otherwise be reduced to a life of begging and homelessness are enrolled in school and flourishing in over 150 safe and loving homes. In 2018, Angel House opened it’s first Freedom Campus in Nepal which rescues, rehabilitates and empowers young girls from the atrocity of human trafficking.

The vision of Angel House was dramatically accelerated in 2011 when Lindsay participated on the NBC game show "Minute To Win It" where Angel House was featured to more than 8.5 million household viewers. Since that point, Angel House has appeared in numerous other global media platforms as well as ABC’s popular television show “Shark Tank.” The vision of Angel House is to rescue 100,000 children and trafficking victims.






.01 Ryam Teran – (Adopting, Diet Coke, Anti-Jealousy, Running A Fashion Label, Being a Mom Isn’t An Excuse)

Ryam Teran (Founder of Wild and Whimsy) is a kick ass Mom of four, wife, business owner and all around life enthusiast. If you’re someone that is motivated by go-getters, Ryam is the person you want to listen to. She’ll make you wonder, “how many hours are in her day”?






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Without you apart of the conversation, we’ll never explore all the ground that needs to be covered. What are the things your want us to talk about? What are the issues you feel are not discussed in an open format? Write us below all and any of your thoughts. We want to talk about things you want talked about. No question is too shallow or too deep.


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