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Royal Little Rebels - On just an ordinary night, I laid in bed pinning alway (on Pinterest), as I religiously do every night. As I scrolled through the feed of beauty & aspiration, I couldn't help but think about what makes us girls tick! Friendship. Adventure. Love. Fun. Flowers. Coffee, new shoes, and BOYS.... The list goes on. But most importantly I dwelled on our faith - and how it lacks in priority amongst our generation. So often our faith is suffocated out of daily conversation, yet we claim it to be in our blood. Jesus is the definition of cool & I'm sick of him getting a bad rep. 

To my Royal Little Rebels, may you live a life that's full of laughter and joy. May you recognize the calling God has on your life to be individually you! May you empower your fellow rebel to be all they can be. May jealousy never seep into your bones so that love can be the only thing that flows from you.  xo @carlijeen

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